Aditya Babbar's Blog

Welcome to an assorted collection of some interesting things, and a unique perspective on them. [That's a glorified way of describing your blog. :-)]

Commentaire is the French for both comment and commentary, and the posts in this section reflect a learning view and opinion on the things around us.
[Basically, the posts that can't be classified anywhere come in here. ]

The content in this section varies from upcoming technologies, to a view on programming languages, or in general, observations about hackers and regular programmers.
[Some technical stuff here ..]

'Raconteur' - One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit.

I wish, I could do it, but this section would be kept bristling by one of the best and master story tellers I know, my good friend Nagarajan.

Some useful notes on the very exciting game of car rallying.
[Hey, am no expert in this .. ]