Ladakh Relief Effort

Ladakh Relief Effort

Posted by Aditya on Mon, 2010-09-13 12:45 in

The flash floods in Ladakh that occurred on 6th August 2010, have terribly affected the lives of some of the nicest and kindest people one can get to meet anywhere. I personally have received their warm hospitality and unselfish help at a number of times.

A group of us are coordinating with locals in Ladakh, a number of NGO's and the Army to identify the affected families and support them. Our aim is to make a visible difference to at least a few families, rather than just sending relief material/money to any sort of a fund where we have no clue about its effective usage.

Till date we have identified 56 families in 19 villages, that have been badly affected by this catastrophe and need help. Their details are listed on this spreadsheet.

To see what you can do to help them, please check out the following link where we are posting regular updates about this initiative -

You can also stay in touch through this Facebook page -

Let's try to make a small difference to someone's life. Please do forward this information to your friends and colleagues who would like to assist in this effort.

You are really doing a

You are really doing a great job in helping these nice and kind people.

Posted by Nikunj Limbaseeya (not verified) on Mon, 2010-09-20 18:41