Connecting two computers with a straight-through cable

Connecting two computers with a straight-through cable

Posted by Aditya on Tue, 2008-03-18 20:52 in

A conversation in office today:

X: I want to transfer data between 2 computers, using this network cable only at home.
Y (A bull headed kind of a character): You would need a cross-over cable to connect for sure. This straight-through cable won’t work.

X: I thought I did it once with this.
Y (with a smirk): Nah, not possible, I have done it during ‘my time’ for playing multiplayer games, it damn only works with a cross-over cable. I bet you 1000 bucks, it won’t work with this cable.

X: No harm in trying right now.
Y: He He. Let’s do it.

Five minutes later. Y leaves the cube bewildered.

Yes, two computers can be connected and can exchange data through a regular straight-through cable, provided both their NICs support Automatic MDI/MDI-X configuration .

From the Wikipedia ocean:

Automatic crossover
Automatic MDI/MDI-X Configuration is specified as an optional feature in the 1000BASE-T standard[1], meaning that straight-through cables will usually work between Gigabit capable interfaces. This feature eliminates the need for crossover cables, obsoletes the uplink/normal ports and manual selector switches found on many older hubs and switches, greatly reducing installation errors. Note that although Automatic MDI/MDI-X is generally implemented, a crossover cable would still be required in the occasional situation that neither of the connected devices has the feature implemented and enabled.
Even for legacy 10/100 devices, many NICs, switches and hubs automatically apply an internal crossover when necessary. Besides the eventually agreed upon Automatic MDI/MDI-X, this feature may also be referred to by various vendor-specific terms including: Auto uplink and trade, Universal Cable Recognition and Auto Sensing.

p.s. I am not betting ever again on such things.


This just saved my bet money some day.

The next possible revolution in wiring could be to allow any combination of wire connections on each side... which will eliminate the need to worry about crimping those 4 same colored white wires carefully.

Connecting 2 computers using the ethernet wire in any jumbled way and it would work - Patent?

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It's possible. You only have

It's possible. You only have to cut the cable and couple the proper color wires.

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hahah......that's good...:-)!!!!!

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