Managers and Sense of Humor

Managers and Sense of Humor

Posted by Aditya on Sun, 2008-04-20 21:57 in

I was recounting my previous experiences at other work places with a colleague at my current office.

It made me realize that for some reason, I manage to rub off a few (not all) people in the management chain in a wrong sort of way. I am not sure why it happens, as I am a very amiable kind of person if one agrees with me.

One of my erstwhile very good friend thought I had a decent sense of humor. I naively believed it, and used it a couple of times with a few in the management hierarchy.

One incident:

X: We need to come over this weekend for work and complete this piece of code. 30th June is our deadline. (Sidenote: The only thing I could fathom out with that deadline was that the arrival date of monsoons in Delhi is 29th June, and may be our software might have crumbled had we not completed it by that date.)

Me (innocently as always): Err, why work on weekends? If you want I can start working on Thursdays and Fridays first.

At a different location with different set of people:

(I am entering office at around noon, with the same look as on any programmer’s face who spent the previous night hacking.)

Y: Umm, Aditya, you are late.
Me: Nah. Am never late. I come as soon as I wake up.


Typical of Aditya Babbar....amazing sense of humor :)

Posted by Manjeet Kaur (not verified) on Thu, 2008-04-24 16:59
Calling Aditya amiable is playing it safe

Don’t get me wrong here, its not that I don’t think Aditya is friendly, likable and all the other synonyms that go with the word amiable.
I just feel that you wouldn’t think he’s quite approachable the first time you see him, as in to me he seemed like a pompous, im too good to talk to you lowly peasants kind of a person.

But as I got to know ‘Aditya’ I realized, that’s he’s extremely friendly, helpful, entertaining and his sense of humor is of course his most endearing quality.
Miss that quirkiness and his somewhat annoying ‘eating South Indian food’ habits.

Posted by Pooja (not verified) on Fri, 2008-05-09 10:21