Team-BHP - Awesome Indian Car Community

Team-BHP - Awesome Indian Car Community

Posted by Aditya on Fri, 2008-05-09 20:34 in

During my recent quest for owning a Gypsy, i stumbled on this awesome site and community:

If you want to discuss about Indian cars, and expand your automotive knowledge, this is the place to be. The site already has an incredible and a huge knowledge base (approaching 1 million posts).

One of the more useful information on this site is about how to go about modifying your car:

I was pleasantly and happily surprised to see strict rules for posting in place, to maintain the high level of existing standards of discussion. Being a programmer, i have come across plenty of online communities that quickly degenerate in to mindless mud slinging and troll fests. The short time i have been on this forum, makes me very confident that this site would continue to be the best in its class.

The members are friendly, very welcoming and are willing to help out newcomers. I posted the following query on how to modify the gypsy to make it more reliable for Raid De Himalaya's Adventure Trial.

I recently bought a Gypsy King 2003 HT model, and would use it for traveling in the hills. Also, I plan to participate in Raid De Himalaya Adventure Trial this year.
1. Could someone suggest a good workshop in the Delhi region that has expertise on Gypsy? I would like to get it serviced and ready before I start taking it out on long drives.
2. My focus would be to make the Gypsy more reliable (especially 4WD). Could someone give any specific pointers?
3. Raid Adventure Trial does not permit any major modifications. I would probably go in for an extra spare wheel bracket and an auxiliary fuel tank.
* The regulations state that “Air filtration units are free owing to the excessive dust”. I am reading it as that I can use a Cold Air Intake or a stock replacement performance filter. I saw GTO’s input that go in for a stock replacement one for offroading. Any other inputs?
* “It is permitted to modify the exhaust provided that the catalytic converter is not removed and the exit point of the pipe, whose diameter must remain the same as the original, is retained as per the original mounting point”. Should/can I go in for a FFE in this Gypsy?
4. Any advantages of going in for a half-cabin instead of a soft top?
5. Should I go in for gas charged dampers? (I drive it in city too)
Apologies, if the post is a bit too long and naive at places. Looking forward to hear from the experts.

I got plenty of useful advice and it is all available here:

I really hope this community keeps thriving, and we can have other Indian online communities too that are equally great as this one.

Another New Indian Automobile Community

Hello friends,

After, I have joined another new website called, I found this pretty good, and even its not like team-bhp @ all. Its really great site Indian Automobile Site. I am enjoying my stay and thought of sharing it with new friends :)

Posted by Rahul (not verified) on Fri, 2011-12-23 13:25